New VPN client available!

Arrr Matey's!
I'ts been a long time since i posted here.

i have been using n2n for the past years with great pleasure, i wrote some crappy GUI and threw in online on a blog ( ) Last week i decided to check back here, and as soon as i noted that there was a new N2N version, i started replacing my old nodes.

Immedeatly, i started to build a new GUI for windows in visual basic since i always wanted to learn VB.
After 3 evenings fiddling with VB, i think its ready for preview.

The package contains the Following.

hellskitchenVPNGUI.exe --> GUI for both Supernode.exe as Edge.exe

The gui has example data in it.
All example data is 'working' as well as the supernode which is for your testing purposes.

the GUI needs to be started as ADMIN otherwise edge will fail. ( UAC )

Download :

My goal is to create a 'php' backend that will provide the edges with unique ip-adresses & mac adresses for each community.

Communities can be created by anyone ( just like hamachi ) The whole package is released under the "free for all and for ever" licence ( which i just made up )

The Source of the GUI is available on request, coz i like to fiddle a bit more before i throw it on sourceforge.

The GUI doesnt work 100%
The GUI supports only passwords for security.
After closing the GUI, the Edge.exe or Supernode.exe keeps running!

Any suggestions are welcome.

ps: The new Flashpoint game (LAN multiplayer) is quite fun, and working via vpn ;)

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Vlad Says :
May 8, 2011 at 1:32 AM

I'm glad you're back

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