New VPN client available!

Arrr Matey's!
I'ts been a long time since i posted here.

i have been using n2n for the past years with great pleasure, i wrote some crappy GUI and threw in online on a blog ( ) Last week i decided to check back here, and as soon as i noted that there was a new N2N version, i started replacing my old nodes.

Immedeatly, i started to build a new GUI for windows in visual basic since i always wanted to learn VB.
After 3 evenings fiddling with VB, i think its ready for preview.

The package contains the Following.

hellskitchenVPNGUI.exe --> GUI for both Supernode.exe as Edge.exe

The gui has example data in it.
All example data is 'working' as well as the supernode which is for your testing purposes.

the GUI needs to be started as ADMIN otherwise edge will fail. ( UAC )

Download :

My goal is to create a 'php' backend that will provide the edges with unique ip-adresses & mac adresses for each community.

Communities can be created by anyone ( just like hamachi ) The whole package is released under the "free for all and for ever" licence ( which i just made up )

The Source of the GUI is available on request, coz i like to fiddle a bit more before i throw it on sourceforge.

The GUI doesnt work 100%
The GUI supports only passwords for security.
After closing the GUI, the Edge.exe or Supernode.exe keeps running!

Any suggestions are welcome.

ps: The new Flashpoint game (LAN multiplayer) is quite fun, and working via vpn ;)

Th Awakening..

Since the old Multiplayer-tool has quite a bit of problems, i resurected this blog.

At this time, im compiling a new version, which should work a lot better than the old version.
stay tuned!

small blog update

Ahoy mateys!
I have been away for a while coz i have some problems with sickness in my family.
I'll promise to do some updates later today or monday.

No! No! No! this is NOT about food!

Why do people always associate shit with TV?

It seems that the term 'Hells Kitchen' is only known as that TV-Cook's television program.
For instance.... google can tell you about only 2 things : The Tvshow, and the neighbourhood in NYC.
And even Wikipedia doesnt really know what these word's original meaning was.

For the people who ask : "wtf has hell's kitchen to do with pirates"
here is a little history lesson.....

In the golden age, when people sailed in wooden ships there were only 2 fears. #1 Pirates and #2 death at sea. The term 'Hells Kitchen' comes from that time and age.

At the south-west coast of australia there is a place called 'wreck beach' which is close to 'Hell's Kitchen'
The place 'Hell's Kitchen' was a dangerous place to be as an sailor. Dangerous currents, Cliffs and hard winds made this one of the spookiest places to be as an sailor.

Hell's Kitchen pic #1 #2 or have a look at google maps ( dont forget to turn on images )

And there you have it.... everyday you learn something new.

Lan over internet - hamachi replacements.

Every once in a while, i get a tip about a new VPN Tool.

Today is such a day, and i thought it might be nice to create a list of VPN tools which are available today.

The criterium for the tools to be listed is : It must create a VPN connection between 2 pc's.

Here is the preliminary list.

If you have a suggestion for this list, please let me know in the comments.

Toolbox update!

Use Hell's Kitchens Toolbox and Join & Play on the biggest GAME-LAN on the internet!
Play 99% of all games with your friends without a hassle!

*** UPDATE 30-9-2009 ***

updated installer & gui released.this version has a more stabile connection due to use of 'unique' mac adress & outgoing upd port.

Added :
Auto macadress setting (clones the mac from a real network adapter to the vpn mac)
Preferences screen
Extra options to the connection log ( verbose logging and used edge cmdline options )

New Games tested : Dark Sector, Empire Total War, Monsters vs. Aliens,Stormrise

Hell's Kitchen Toolbox released

Ahoy matey's

It's an honor to announce the new 'Hell's Kitchen Toolbox' (screenshot)
The old client is completely overhauled, which should make life easier.

I have added a gui for ForceBindIP ( )
And a connection log is added which should help out in case of bugs.

There is a investigation on the 'connection lost' errors in H.A.W.X. as the connection is completely gone in some cases. ( ping timouts )
The problems are not consequent, and do not affect everybody.

Yesterday i have played H.A.W.X. via lan with 3 people, where one player lost connection during game.
To find a proper solution, i need more people who could test H.A.W.X. over lan.

If there are people out there that are trying out new games on a daily bases, please consider testing multiplayer LAN with our toolbox and report your findings.

Here is a General FAQ on the tools :

Q. What does the toolbox do?
A. It connects to a VPN, on which you can play LAN games with your friends.

Q. What utilities are in the toolbox?
A. ForceBindIP from, which allows a program/game bind with a specifice network adapter.

Q. Are there more tools than vpn and ForceBindIP?
A. yes, but in development

Q. I have problems with the network what do i do?
A. Post your problem, along with the connection log in this forum.

Q. Can i help?
A. yea, by giving me feedback on this tool! ( the comments box is a good start!)

Now grab that new toolbox and start gaming!
Dont forget to check back here for more news and updates on the toolbox.

Your feedback is greatly appreceated!

Toolbox screenshot
Toolbox release binaries