No! No! No! this is NOT about food!

Why do people always associate shit with TV?

It seems that the term 'Hells Kitchen' is only known as that TV-Cook's television program.
For instance.... google can tell you about only 2 things : The Tvshow, and the neighbourhood in NYC.
And even Wikipedia doesnt really know what these word's original meaning was.

For the people who ask : "wtf has hell's kitchen to do with pirates"
here is a little history lesson.....

In the golden age, when people sailed in wooden ships there were only 2 fears. #1 Pirates and #2 death at sea. The term 'Hells Kitchen' comes from that time and age.

At the south-west coast of australia there is a place called 'wreck beach' which is close to 'Hell's Kitchen'
The place 'Hell's Kitchen' was a dangerous place to be as an sailor. Dangerous currents, Cliffs and hard winds made this one of the spookiest places to be as an sailor.

Hell's Kitchen pic #1 #2 or have a look at google maps ( dont forget to turn on images )

And there you have it.... everyday you learn something new.

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